Production/Fulfillment Technician

Fulfillment Technician with experience in soldering and material handling. The desired candidate would be responsible for fulfillment of products (soldering antennas, sensors to wireless platform, programming electronics, installing electronics in housings) in preparation for shipment to customers. There are material handling responsibilities (packing boxes, cleaning equipment, performing quality tests/checks, etc.). This individual would be self-motivated, take direction well so as to work with little supervision once trained. Great attention to detail is a must, and a willingness to go above and beyond what is asked.
- Proficiency in soldering is preferred
- Ability to operate hand tools, drills, barcode scanner(s), and a computer
- Attention to detail
- Ability to follow written process documentation in performing required tasks
- Willingness to ask questions
- Good verbal communication
- Self-motivated
- Punctual
- Reliable when it comes to attendance
- 1+ years technical experience preferred.
- Experience with a soldering iron preferred
- Experience with hand tools, drill presses, routers
Contact: Matt Moulton
Phone: 801-561-5555
Email: careers@monnit.com
Submit a resume to careers@monnit.com.

Don't Be Fooled

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