QC Specialist

The School Improvement Network's Quality Assurance team is looking for a highly motivated Software Quality Control Specialist to join them as they continue to support a growing business and a highly valued client base. The team's primary focus is to perform both manual and automated tests to ensure clients have the best experience possible with the company's software applications. Software Quality Control Specialist must possess the ability to identify, run, and document efficient tests to ensure quality software. The following list of responsibilities identifies additional details related to the position, but is not comprehensive and may change as new business needs arise:
You will be creating, running, and documenting high-quality test plans
You will be using existing automation infrastructure in addition to being able to design new infrastructure.
You will be working with Development, Product management, and other Quality Specialists in defining the usability and testability of our products.
You will be providing tier-3 support for clients (mainly through email) and identifying root-causes of defects
Applicants should not be afraid to venture into unknown situations. They should love to use a new piece of functionality and see what happens.
Applicants should enjoy trying to figure out why something doesn't work.
Applicant should be relentless in trying to figure out the cause of a defect.
Applicant should be creative in their approach to finding bugs (while still following the outline test suite).
Applicant should strive for perfection, but understand that, when it becomes unattainable, they're okay with getting as close as they can.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Team-oriented, results-driven, flexible and proactive.
Previous experience with software automation and knowledge of software development is preferred.
Please send resume to matt.young@schoolimprovement.com and reference the job title in the subject of email.

Don't Be Fooled

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