Implementation Manager

The School Improvement Network is looking for an educator with 5+ years of experience in K-12 education. The Implementation Manager will help design school improvement plans using our technology systems, designed around specific mission critical needs of our K-12 clients, such as the following:
Teacher evaluation and observation
Implementing instructional strategies
Implementing differentiated instruction
Helping teachers implement effective classroom management practices
Implementing the common core
Increasing achievement among sub populations such as minorities and ESL students
And many others.
The School Improvement Implementation Manager will work across the company to develop specific implementation plans for each of 15-20 key mission critical needs, such as teacher evaluation and common core implementation. Strategic Partner Advisors will take these plans and work directly with our thousands of school district clients to implement them-meaning that the impact of this job is very significant.
This position ideally will require an in-depth knowledge of School Improvement Network products, experience in K-12 education, experience in K-12 professional development as well as implementing change in K-12 education. A passion for education and improving the quality of education for our nation's students is a must. Qualified candidates will have experience working with education administrators and teachers in designing and executing school improvement plans. This position will require designing plans that can be applied across a wide range of school systems-large, small, urban, rural, etc.--to ensure that those systems meet their mission critical needs using the products of the School Improvement Network.
This job will play a key role in helping the over 15,000 schools using School Improvement Network products achieve their goals and ultimately increase student achievement. School Improvement Network is focused on helping 100% of students be college and career ready, by helping 100% of teachers be effective. It is a bold mission, but one that we believe in deeply. The ideal candidate must share in this sense of mission and have a strong desire to work for the leading organization in school improvement and teacher effectiveness.
The candidate must be absolutely committed to excellence and in monitoring the data to continually improving the plans, in order to have the greatest impact on teacher effectiveness and student quality. Working with many departments in the organization, the candidate must have strong people and communication skills, and impeccable follow through. Experience using PD 360, Observation 360 and Common Core 360 is preferred.
Phone: 801-566-6500
Please send resume to careers@schoolimprovement.com and reference the job title in the subject of email

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